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During Barack Obama's campaign for president in , throughout his presidency, and Theories alleged that Obama's published birth certificate was a forgery—that his actual Some theorists sought court rulings to declare Obama ineligible to take office, or to grant 11 See also; 12 References; 13 External links.
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Is the Pope a Catholic? Do the Main Stream Media cover up for them? Does the BBC? It all depends on whose face fits, whose agenda is being served. Obama Explains Obama This is his story, his version of the truth. It is discreditable too, just what he admits to. Obama Is Homosexual Or not as the case maybe.

If Wayne Madsen gets sued for Libel then maybe not. If they go quiet as they have since May then it is likely that the black is guilty as Hell. Forged Birth Certificate See it for yourself. The Wiki claims he is not guilty. They do this by ignoring the evidence - see Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories. Lawsuits Against Obamas Eligibility The issue has not gone away. Various crooked judges and perverted media are making sure that we know nothing about it. I am sure that this constitutes libel of three very wonderful, caring human beings.

Michelle's Mirror Somebody has a cheerful look at Obama's old woman. He is not impressed. Obama And South Africa Parallels South Africans opted for a slow suicide when they let Mandela and his communist handlers get away with it. Judicial feels that the man is a fool. I see him as a unprincipled rogue. On January 21st, , his very first day in office , Barack Obama implemented and signed into law Executive Order That the first order of business Obama took care of on day one of his Presidency was to sign off on an Executive Order that states that only the records he chooses to be made public will be released?

This is the subject that was at the absolute top of his agenda?

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UNQUOTE Obama may well have a birth certificate but if it is not a genuine Hawaii issue he is guilty just like his coconspirators in politics and the main stream media. I am not arguing. Aren't we lucky? But the manipulators are not too worried. The other runner is just as nasty and just as manipulated.

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Obama In Indonesia - A Backgrounder. Obama Is A Muslim. That is how it works in America - and England for that matter. Being crooked is the basic qualification for getting anywhere is American politics as Clinton knows. Obama Is Evil At all events, his handlers are. That is the best you can say about the man. Obama Keeps Ugly Company Some one rises through the ranks fast - with reason. He is making the right moves with people that matter.

This has nothing to do with democracy and a lot to do with corruption. Obama's Mob An unsavoury crew. Three of them are constitutionally ineligible to take power, just like Obama himself. Obama is a crook run by bigger crooks. Obama's Woman Whines A standard moan about being a victim because of her colour. Obama's Criminal Associates Actually just one of what well be many. Chicago is used to in depth, wide ranging, deep seated corruption. Who is she and what are the facts?

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Stories of an affair between Vera Baker and Barack Obama have been running rampant all over the internet for the past few days They did a major cover up on Obama's fraudulent birth certificate. It is now a certainty that the "birth certificate" claimed by the Barack Obama campaign as authentic is a photoshopped fake.

Michele Bachmann on 'GMA': Says Obama Birth Certificate Issue 'Settled' (2011)

The image, purporting to come from the Hawaii Department of Health, has been the subject of intense skepticism in the blogosphere in the past two weeks. But now the senior spokesman of that Department has confirmed to Israel Insider what are the required features of a certified birth document -- features that Obama's purported "birth certificate" clearly lack. The image became increasingly suspect with Israel Insider's revelation that variations of the certificate image were posted on the Photobucket image aggregation website -- including one listing the location of Obama's birth as Antarctica, one with the certificate supposedly issued by the government of North Korea, and another including a purported photo of baby Barack -- one of which has a "photo taken" time-stamp just two minutes before the article and accompanying image was posted on the left-wing Daily Kos blog Because if Barack Hussein Obama II does not produce definitive proof of his "natural born" American citizenship with original, verifiable documents, he will be setting the stage for a very public battle over his personal credibility, the basic legitimacy of his candidacy, and its possible criminality.

Are the American main stream media bothering to tell us the truth? Not a chance. They suppressed the truth about Ron Paul's run for the presidency too. We are being lied to. Backing away from a quote attributed to her that the image on the campaign site was "valid," she told the St. Petersburg Florida Times in an article published yesterday: "I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents.

So where is that birth certificate? It got lost?

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The dog ate it? No matter. Obama's Bent Birth Certificate Forger Confesses [ 5 July ] QUOTE The evidence of forgery and manipulation of images of official documents, triggered by Israel Insider's revelation of the collection of Hawaii birth certificate images on the Photobucket site and the diligent detective work of independent investigative journalists led by JimJ and Texas Darling and imaging professionals such as Polarik in the three weeks since the publication of the images, implicate The Daily Kos , a "progressive" blog site, and the Obama campaign's " Fight the Smears " website, in misleading the public with official-looking but manipulated document images of doubtful provenance.

Moreover, the blog and the campaign have been negligent in allowing the promotion of obviously forged and fake official documents together with the purported image of Obama's birth certificate The man is a crook. But he says it was not an attempt at deception but a "lame joke" that he now regrets. But in trying to avoid legal trouble by diminished the significance of manipulating electronic images, he further undermines the explicit claims of the Barack Obama campaign and the Daily Kos itself that the posted images of his purported birth certificate prove that the candidate was Hawaii-born.

McKinnon, who says he was trained in document analysis by the Department of Homeland Security, says it's impossible to assess the authenticity of a birth certificate from image files rather than paper documents. Dear Obama campaign, can you please produce a paper birth certificate so that we can return to our regular beat? Here's where you can find Part 1 , 2 , and 3 and 4. Other articles about Barack Obama and his mysterious background are linked on the upper left of this article.

He also a lawyer. Therefore he is an expert liar. Barack Obama may be on a world tour surrounded by a fawning media, but Sunday an expert in electronic document forensics released a detailed report on the purported birth certificate -- actually a "Certification of Live Birth" or COLB -- claimed as genuine by his campaign. This is the sixth of a series on the purported Obama birth certificate. Here's where you can find Part 1 , 2 , 3 4 , and 5.

Obama's 'birth certificate' forged with sister Maya's original [ 6 August ] QUOTE Independent analysts claim to have discovered that the original Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth used in the fabrication of the Barack Obama "birth certificate" belongs to his younger half-sister, Maya.

In the high resolution image claimed as authentic by the campaign, the name "Maya Kassandra Soetoro" can be resurrected from artifacts [ sic ] left behind in the original used to forge a fake document in Barack's name, they believe. The rest of the main stream media are covering up for the man. The action seeks an injunction preventing the senator from continuing his candidacy and a court order enjoining the DNC from nominating him next week, all on grounds that Sen.

Obama is constitutionally ineligible to run for and hold the office of President of the United States Obama is not a natural born U. Obama's lies and obfuscations," UNQUOTE Obama is a crook, just like the men running him and the main stream media which is doing a major cover up for him. He is a wrong one. Your humble correspondent will leave that up to the experts. Org, has made a bombshell admission Barack Obama was once a citizen of Kenya.

Judicial Watch Releases New Documents Revealing Rosenstein “Scheme” to Remove Trump from Office

You read that right, Obama had Kenyan citizenship until As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr. Obama has neither renounced his U.

diosagmamo.gq This is astounding and so far no mainstream media outlet has reported on it. Will some reporter out there be so bold as to ask Obama if he was a Kenyan citizen until his 21st birthday? Until reading of this Kenyan citizenship admission, I thought the lawsuit claiming that Obama was born in Kenya filed by Clinton supporter, Phil Berg, in Philadelphia was of minor import [ See the next one ]. However, by responding to it in the way it did, the Fight the Smears website has just opened a big can of worms for Obama in its admission that he was a citizen of Kenya until But he is a lawyer and a liar.

Barack Obama D-Ill.